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  • Be sure to exfoliate 24 hours or THE DAY BEFORE your appointment NOT THE DAY OF. The solution sticks better to skin when you don't exfoliate right before. 

  • Shaving should be done before your appointment preferably the morning of if your appointment is in the evening. Try to avoid right before your appointment if possible.

  • Remove deodorant and makeup before your appointment

  • Avoid soaps that are oil based or opaque white (Dove). 

  • You can moisturize as normal the day of your appointment. Do not apply within an hour of your appointment so the solution will stick better. 

  • Have dark loose clothing ready to wear after. I recommend a flowy dress or baggy pj's  or sweats.

  • Waxing, massage, pedicures etc should be booked at least a day or two prior to spray tanning.

  • Be prepared to wait anywhere from 3-8 hours before you can shower (depending on which solution and desired depth of color) I will let you know during your service

  • All my tanning solutions are vegan and use DHA as the tanning ingredient.

  • I bring all we will need. Please allow for a 5 foot space with good lighting and a power source. The machine can be noisy so please keep that in mind. 


  • While developing, avoid skin to skin touching (crossing your bare legs)

  • Avoid getting wet and activities that cause sweating

  • During your first shower, the bronzer will come off in the water. Rinse until the water runs clear. Avoid excessive soap or overly hot water. Don't rub or scrub hard. Pat dry with towel. 

  • Moisturize at least two times per day after your first shower to avoid a scaly look

  • Most tans last 7-10 days or longer with proper care

  • Avoid chlorine pools and hot tubs

  • Avoid oil based products or products with alcohol 

  • Exfoliate when the tan has faded to even out any residual product (usually around day 7)

  • Always wear SPF! These products do not have sun protection and you can burn beneath the tan.

  • Enjoy being a bronzed beauty!


About Me


I have been using sunless products for over 20 years. After having skin cancer at 20, I am happy to pass along my knowledge and passion to my clients. The products I use today are so much better and have amazing results compared to 10-15 years ago when I first started spray tanning. I spent my teens and 20s being orange so you don't have to! I use various solutions to customize the perfect tan for you. 

I love making my clients look and feel their best. Spray tanning has helped me with uneven skin tone, cellulite visibility, scar visibility, and look slimmer overall. It's a great alternative to the sun and a confidence booster!

 I am pro certified and have perfected my technique and customization to give you the perfect glow! 

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